Basic monthly expenses

From Stable State

Each state-cycle a poll on the past state-cycles expenses on basic supplies (housing, food, clothing, travelling to work, ...) of each citizen is made. The state-wide median (if the state-cycle would not be 1 month but n months, then divided by n) is called, BME or the basic monthly expenses.

:= the median of monthly costs of living reported each cycle by every citizen. No report means: same as last month. Living means (just for the human beings in family and pets):

  • housing (the cycle rent or house-new-value / (40 (parameter) * 12))
  • food and beverage (incl. water used for drinking), giving self-production%
  • energy (electricity, heating/cooling), giving self-production%
  • water not used for drinking, giving self-production%
  • clothing, giving self-production%
  • transport
  • communication
  • medicine
  • insurances
  • culture, sports, recreation

It is also divided by the number of human beings a citizen is responsible for. It is provided each month with enough decimals so that each submission is unique. Non unique submissions are appended with random digits until unique. Each month, the citizen hitting the exact median, is reimbursed 2 (parameter) times this median.