From Stable State

Relatives are

  1. Your partner(s) in a marriage.
  2. Your children (physical/accepted and/or adopted)
  3. Your parents (physical or by adoption, one can have at most 1 mother and at most 1 father)
  4. Your siblings (same mother and same father)
  5. Your half siblings (same mother or same father)
  6. Your indirect children := level 1: children of your children = grandchildren, or indirect children of your children, level of those + 1)
  7. Your indirect parents := those you are indirect child of (inheriting the level, e.g. level 1 = grandparents)
  8. Uncles and aunts := siblings of your parents (also half siblings)
  9. Nieces, nephews := those you are uncle or aunt of
  10. Cousins := children of uncles or aunts
  11. More and more distant relationships may also be defined, like grand-uncles, cou-cousins, etc. But these are not relevant.

The near relatives are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.