From Stable State

State := this is the set of people (cf. human being) living within a geographical area (defined by the confines) and this geographical area (including the soil underneath until earth center and the atmosphere until end of the atmosphere (which is around 20-50km above the surface). In the end, an entire-world state without confines on earth is also possible. Also a state that encompasses multiple planets or parts of planets or other astronomic objects is possible.

Specifically, the term 'state' then refers to the events, processes and interactions that are non-private and organise the co-living of the people within the confines, the caring about nature and the relations to possibly other (neighbour) states. So, there are public (= state) actions and private (= non-state) actions in the course of time.

Then, a state also organises itself into so-called communities. This ranges from the population-wise smallest, so-called basic communities, then higher-order communities (regions, quarters, ...) until the entire state itself. So, the state is the top-community. And each community, from basic to top, may also be considered as a 'state'; or at least part of it; or one may think of a community as representing the state in the communities confines.